[Cloud computing] Focus on Rok Solution, collaborative intelligence platform

by bold-lichterman

Rok Solution, a start-up launched in 2007 which now has 15 employees, offers an all-in-one collaborative work platform in cloud computing with secure browsing, and a range of features that optimize tasks. It is the first to offer a solution on the market that integrates modeling functionalities (BPA) within a cube, process motorization (BPM), and risk management (GRC).

Concretely, the platform offers a user dashboard integrated into a directory, and immediate access to all communication tools: social network, tools for modeling, execution, control and performance measurement.

Cloud computing Focus on Rok Solution collaborative intelligence platform

Rok Solution has developed its interface by using the cloud computing platform of Microsoft Windows Azure, the platform open to developers. More than just a support tool, Windows Azure has enabled Rok Solution to manage its applications through a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft, which gives the choice of the location of its servers.

Rok Solution chosen by Microsoft

Microsoft has also selected Rok Solution as part of its program “The app of the month”, which unearths the most innovative applications used in Windows Azure. For Rok Solution, it is a series of levers from which it will benefit: visibility on network sites Microsoft, to the tune of 500,000 VU, the promotion of the selected application on the high-tech news sites partners of the network, its promotion on the various events organized in the form of case studies or demonstrations, and finally, marketing and sales support by a communication agency.

A list of numerous trophies

Rok Solution is not its first reward. The company managed by Olivier Bourrouilh-Parège, won the 1st Prize of the Trophy Microsoft Finance Innovation 2012, organized on March 23 during the Finance Innovation Symposium.

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The rising company was also shortlisted by US magazine Red for the Red Herring Global Award, recognizing the most promising international technology companies.

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3 questions to Olivier Bourrouilh-Parège, CEO of ROK Solution

– Why did you choose Windows Azure?

Investing in Cloud technology was not an obvious choice when we launched our project 2 years ago. Today, that gives us a competitive advantage. Simplicity and the ability to meet needs that concern both the private cloud and the public cloud.

ROK Solution uses Windows Azure as Web Role and Workflow engine, using WCF and WF 4.0. A dedicated SQL Azure database is reserved for each customer. ROK documentation is stored in a Windows Azure blob space.
The configuration of each client is saved in a unique database.

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– What was the added value of the Bizspark program, beyond technological support?

BizSpark provided technology tracking and also provided us with useful marketing support.

– What moment was the most decisive since the creation of Rok Solution?

To be honest, this is the day Carlos Dominguez [Senior VP de Cisco] said ” Collaboration + Technology + Process = huge $$$$ savings… “! Collaboration is no longer an option or a choice, but a question of survival!

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