Cloud computing could generate 14 million jobs by 2015

by bold-lichterman

14 million. This is the number of jobs that cloud computing could create in the world by 2015, according to a recent IDC study commissioned by Microsoft. In France, the sector could be the source of 189,000 jobs, behind Germany (254,562) and Great Britain (226,864). A lesser impact for the Hexagon which remains unexplained for the time being.

Cloud computing could generate 14 million jobs by 2015More specifically, in 2011, the cloud computing sector would have contributed to creating 1.5 million new jobs in the world. A figure that could reach 6.7M in 2012, 8.8M in 2013, 11.3M in 2014 and therefore 13.8M in 2015.

John F. Gantz vice president at IDC: This growth in terms of jobs will affect all geographic regions in the world, regardless of the size of companies and organizations. Emerging markets, small towns and even SMEs will benefit from the same advantages linked to the cloud as large companies or developed countries. “

According to the firm’s forecasts, China and India should thus appear to be the biggest beneficiaries of these job creations with 4.6M and 2.1M respectively of new positions expected in the sector by 2015. The United States, for their part, would come third with the creation of 1.17M jobs.

Finally, still according to the IDC, revenue from cloud innovations could reach € 832 billion within 4 years.

Cloud computing could generate 14 million jobs by 2015