[Cloud computing] 19 million euros released for five projects

by bold-lichterman

Eric Besson, Minister in charge of the Digital Economy, has just announced that 5 projects in the field of cloud computing will benefit from 19 million euros of investment.

This initiative is part of a call for projects organized around the Future Investments Program. Among the 18 projects submitted in response to this call, 5 projects were selected and will therefore benefit from this financial support which complements the € 50M needed for their development.

Cloud computing 19 million euros released for five projectsThe projects selected are as follows:

  • The “software engineering platform” (CloudForce project led by Orange Labs) will allow collaborative development and management of applications based on multiple cloud computing infrastructures.
  • The “application porting tools” (CloudPort project led by the SME Prologue) will facilitate the migration of a company’s software to the cloud computing model.
  • The “high performance software infrastructure” project (Magellan project led by Bull) will serve as a base to deliver high performance computing on demand and remotely.
  • The “community cloud” project (Nu @ ge project led by the SME Non Stop Systems) will develop solutions for pooling the infrastructure and skills of several SMEs to offer innovative services.
  • And finally, the “cloud for higher education institutions” project (UnivCloud project led by INEO) will put cloud technologies at the service of universities and communities.

A second call for projects around cloud computing was also launched on July 21. The results will be communicated in early 2012.

As a reminder, French companies have already fallen behind in cloud computing. Indeed, a recent study IT security specialist Symantec shows that the rate of adoption remains sluggish in France. Thus, only 13% to 27% of French companies are simply not considering adopting this new model of IT management.

Despite the results of this study, the Pierre Audoin Consultants firm forecasts double-digit annual growth in this market in France, which should reach 1.5 billion euros in 2014.