[Cloud] Akamai: “within 3 years, 1 million videos will cross the web every second”

by bold-lichterman

In 2015, the number of mobile terminals will be twice the world population!

Cloud Akamai within 3 years 1 million videos will crossThe forecast is dizzy: HD video on demand will account for over 77% of total video requests. Within 3 years, 1 million video content will cross the web every second. Akamai has just published its report on the state of the internet in the world: State of the internet which details trends, minimum, average and maximum connection speeds, internet penetration and mobile usage around the world.

The issue for content editors is therefore major and arises both in terms of quality of dissemination and data security.

Akamai, the powerful cloud platform, which helps companies deliver secure media and applications to all types of devices, is one of the key players in responding to this challenge.

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Real-time internet traffic

For Jérôme Renoux, Sales Manager Digital Media at Akamai, the Akamai Intelligent Platform responds precisely to these needs because, being globally distributed and distributed among different operators, it enables capacity to be brought to demand.
“The cloud is being able to access resources and applications on demand, all almost instantly. And that’s what Akamai does. This platform delivers and accelerates applications in the cloud to ensure a rich experience for users, regardless of the device used and the location of the Internet user. “ specifies Jérôme Renoux.

Hyper-connectivity at the heart of the challenges
Added to the explosion of mobile devices and the hyper-connectivity it generates, traffic becomes a key concept. We are talking in particular of over-the-top traffic, traffic developed in particular on connected TVs.

Connected TV has its own constraints and indeed involves latency problems: fluidity of images, pixelation, etc.

“One of the big challenges for our customers, which illustrates the expectations of users, is to have a TV Like Experience, ie the same experience that occurs with television. The challenge for them is to monetize their services – VOD for example – and to offer users a perfect experience ”.

The multiple challenges of mobile
Mobile terminals are multiplying and diversifying. New versions of mobiles are accelerating the race, in which customers ofAkamai are involved.

“One of the major challenges for our customers is to migrate the existing services to the mobile via App, and in the long term, obviously, to monetize this content” specifies Jérôme Renoux.

Akamai’s response: to help its customers, via its platform, to manage these daily challenges by supporting the secure distribution of video content, while guaranteeing the quality of distribution adapted to each mobile device.

Akamai in numbers:
– More than 108,000 servers with constant evolution
– The platform broadcasts daily between 25 and 30% of global web traffic according to internet news
– It delivers more than 1 million mobile applications every day
– Akamai represents 200 billion dollars of transactions on e-commerce sites / year
– 1 trillion of interactions on the internet / year.

To find out more, discover the challenges of digital content distribution, May 29 @ Paris, during a morning at Pershing hall, organized by Akamai and Brainsonic.