Cloud: $ 58 billion in revenue in 2013, of which 62% for SaaS, and the trend is expected to continue

by bold-lichterman

SaaS should continue to take off thanks to a second phase of adoption

The cloud market should continue to take off in the coming years. After generating $ 58 billion in revenue in 2013 according to Forrester’s estimates, it should cross $ 191 billion by 2020. In question: the cloud is making its way into people’s minds. While Chief Information Officers (CIOs) were still in the experimental stages of cloud-based services, they are starting to streamline these tools to fully integrate them into their businesses. In other words, after having progressed by trial and error, they are now fully seizing the opportunities offered by dematerialized services.

More precisely, this second phase in the adoption process should above all benefit so-called SaaS solutions (Software as a Service, software marketed as a service, editor’s note) which alone crystallized $ 36 billion in revenues in 2013, or 62% of the sector.

This format would even be the most mature segment according to Forrester who specifies, by way of comparison, that cloud platforms have generated only $ 4.7 billion in revenue. This success could be explained by the ability of SaaS solutions to create new forms of applications that overlap with existing ones.

“However, in the automation of sales forces, customer relationship management (CRM, editor’s note), human resources management, and online procurement or e-purchases, the replacement of existing licensed software ( for SaaS solutions, editor’s note) is becoming more and more common. This trend will spread to other categories of applications, providing a second impetus for the growth of SaaS from 2014 until 2018 ”, however anticipates Forrester.

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