Clicpresse: distribution of press releases by e-mail

by bold-lichterman

Clicpresse allows you to easily write, target and send your press releases by e-mail.

The distribution of your press release is simply done in 3 steps: write your press release, target journalists related to your activity and finally Clicpresse takes care of distributing it. Depending on the formula selected, the team also takes care of media watch.

The functionalities of Clicpresse :

  • Target traditional media, search engines (Google News, Yahoo ..) as well as influential bloggers and social networks (Facebook, Twitter ..).
  • Valuable indications on the number of journalists having read your press release.
  • Configure the sending of your press release according to the time and date …

The +: “Satisfied or reimbursed” insurance which provides reimbursement of costs incurred in the absence of any fallout within 90 days of sending a press release.

The rates : Three formulas at 199, 299 and 399 € which modify the maximum number of mailings, the database of targeted journalists and which can include a campaign on social networks and a media watch.