Click & Boat + SoCloz + Trump-Clinton = INSIDERS

by bold-lichterman

  • Click & Boat seizes its rival Sailsharing to expand in Europe.
  • SoCloz is teaming up with Ingenico ePaylents to offer omnichannel mobile payment in stores.
  • Donald Trump in the lead ahead of Hillary Clinton on Google Trends a few hours from the outcome.
  • The figure of the day: French e-merchants multiply their sales by 2 during Black Friday.
  • Image of the day: Xiaomi presents its MI Portable Mouse.
  • Appointment of the Day: Lexinta appoints Finn Tsai as Co-Director.
  • The online workshop: The 4 critical steps of a Cloud migration project.
    November 10 at 11 a.m., with Outscale.

Jeremy BismuthThe private boat rental platform Click & Boat announced the acquisition of Sailsharing, which offers a similar service. The financial terms of the transaction were not communicated. This buyout should allow the start-up to consolidate its position on the online boat rental market between individuals. “Sailsharing, an industry pioneer, founded in 2012, has been our main competitor for the past three years“, precise Jeremy Bismuth, co-founder of Click & Boat.

Founded in 2013 by Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth, Click & Boat offers a platform for owners to make the use of their boat profitable by renting it out. The start-up takes a commission on the transactions carried out and also offers the purchase of insurance when renting a boat to earn money.

To date, Click & Boat claims 8,000 boats for rent on its platform and more than 22,000 rentals registered in 2016. With the acquisition of Sailsharing, the start-up plans to accelerate its development in Europe. After Spain, Croatia and Italy, Click & Boat will open its site in three new countries in 2017. “We are going to explore new markets and in particular we have a third fundraising in preparation», Reveals Jérémy Bismuth.

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Gilles BrabantThe start-up SoCloz, which is developing a point of sale digitalization platform, has entered into a partnership with Ingenico ePayments, Ingenico Group division dedicated to mobile and online commerce. This agreement should make it possible to provide mobile and omnichannel payment solutions to physical retailers.

In this context, SoCloz is launching a mobile POS solution developed with Ingenico. This offers customers an unlimited supply of items in stock on the Internet but sold out in store, which sellers can order via the mobile solution. With this device the customer can immediately pay for the available items and be debited once the delivery of the other items has been made. “This solution offers consumers a seamless experience on the web and in-store, as well as retailers the possibility of creating a hybrid store accessible online and in point of sale, in order to merge the purchasing process.“, Explain Gilles Brabant, Commercial Director of Ingenico ePayments France.

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Trump vs.  Clinton

Americans today elect the 45th president in the history of the United States of America. While waiting to know the identity of Barack Obama’s successor in the White House, Google Trends places Donald Trump at the top of searches in the United States, well ahead of Hillary Clinton.

Over the past 24 hours, the Republican candidate has been the subject of the highest number of queries online compared to his Democratic rival. The sulphurous billionaire even comes first in all 50 American states.

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The Black friday, which was created in the United States, has crossed the borders of France for several years now. This year, it is on November 25 that French merchants and e-merchants will offer special clearance offers to their customers. This meeting marks the beginning of a good period for e-commerce, also marked by Christmas and the winter sales, if we are to believe the results of the study “Black Friday, Christmas & Winter Sales: the keys to success for e-commerce»Produced by Criteo.

For the day of Black Friday alone, French e-merchants can expect a 40% increase in traffic to their site, and a doubling of their sales. Another observation is that e-merchants specializing in games and toys benefit the most from this operation, with a 59% increase in their traffic, and 155% in their sales observed in 2015. Another area particularly conducive to this day of sales in November, sport, with an increase of 42% in traffic and 117% in sales observed last year.


A few days after presenting its new bluetooth headphones to its community, the Chinese giant Xiaomi introduces its wireless mouse, the MI Portable Mouse. The mouse, which at first glance is inspired by Apple’s Magic Mouse, can be used on two computers at the same time. Marketed at 99 yuan (the equivalent of 13 euros), it is currently only compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10.


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Finn tsai arrives at Lexinta, a group specializing in asset management, as co-director. As part of her duties, she will be in charge of developing the investment advisory strategy. Previously, Finn Tsai worked for banks such as UBS AG and Crédit Agricole Suisse SA.

From 04 to 06 November, the Sartup Weekend took place at school 42 under the sign of artificial intelligence.

83 diverse and complementary profiles joined forces for 54 hours to create their startup and test their ideas, in front of a prestigious jury made up of investors and entrepreneurs.

13 projects were born, 4 projects stood out and were awarded:

  • Gaya a bot that allows you to translate sentences into images and emoticons from any language.

  • Karl is a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to be able to recommend clothing to the user.

  • CleverTalk is a chatbot that uses speech recognition technology for the purpose of storing and categorizing chats during appointments and meetings.

  • MyLawHero is a personal legal assistant.

Discover the return video of this event:

[Atelier en ligne] The 4 critical steps of a cloud migration project
November 10 at 11 a.m. with Outscale

The stakes and technological challenges imposed by the market which CIOs face on a daily basis are constantly increasing, due to the growing influence of Cloud computing and its deployment.

With elasticity, scalability, availability, reliability, efficiency, performance… as advantages of Cloud computing, it is logical that migration to the Cloud is at the heart of business concerns.

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La Nouvelle République Group is looking for its Data Analyst (M / F)

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  • Create, update and monitor the databases the company needs in relation to its activities; guarantee their quality and consistency

  • Set up efficient and dynamic analysis and reporting tools (KPIs, segmentation, etc.) for internal clients

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