ClearBus, the digital postal operator, launches its certified courier service

by bold-lichterman

ClearBus offers an end-to-end digital postal service that allows any document to be transferred via a “trusted third party”. Its service is aimed at both individuals and professionals. The company is labeled Young Innovative Company.

ClearBus the digital postal operator launches its certified courier serviceClearBus offers a secure and economical alternative that eliminates the need for existing services to go through paper. The company encrypts documents on their way between a sender and a recipient whose digital identities are then certified. Monthly subscriptions based on shipping packages sized to individual or professional needs allow unit costs of a few cents.

The key therefore, significant savings especially for companies, a more ecological approach and secure transfers in a market that weighs 11 billion euros per year in France.

ClearBus, already funded to the tune of € 400,000 (including € 100,000 from Oséo), is planning an upcoming fundraising between € 2m and € 2.5m.

Find the FrenchWeb interview of November 2010 with Guy Dubrisay, co-founder and Director of ClearBus.