Claranet, the success story of the discreet Charles Nasser

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 1996 by Charles Nasser, just 26 years old and recently graduated with a Masters in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Imperial College (University of London) and a Masters in Finance from London Business School, Claranet has become, in 17 years, one of the success stories of the French internet, led by this discreet entrepreneur based in London. But which does not fail to be recognized by its peers, in particular by receiving, during the 6th annual Cloud and Datacenter Trophies ceremony, the prize for best international entrepreneur

When it was founded, the company specialized in providing Internet access through one of the first consumer offers, alongside World on Line, Imaginet or even Club Internet, and above all an offer connection for the professional market, which has made it successful.

From 2000 Claranet, which then achieved 13 million in turnover, accelerated the development of its hosting offer, so as not to be squeezed out of the market. From then on everything accelerated through strong organic growth, and some acquisitions, including the last in France, with Typhoon, bought from young entrepreneurs, Jules Vo Dinh and Arnaud Lavrard, last December.

Today, the company has more than 700 employees spread over 11 offices in Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom). In 2012 the company recorded a turnover of 154 million euros.

The company is still managed by its founder Charles Nasser, supported by Olivier Beaudet, Group Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director of Claranet France, Nigel Fairhurst as Administrative and Financial Director, Michel Robert Managing Director of Claranet UK, Olaf Fischer, CEO from Claranet Germany, Antonio Miguel Ferreira, CEO of Claranet Portugal, and Carles Acero, CEO of Claranet Spain.

This summer, the Parisian teams set up in one of the leading places on the Parisian internet, at 18/20 Faubourg du Temple, a few meters from the Republic. Place which hosted at the beginning of 2000 the startups incubated by Republic Alley, a support structure created by Laurent Edel. The opportunity for FrenchWeb to take a little tour (Typhon is our host, -) and come back with some pictures.