Cinemur wants to install a virtual reality cinema room in your living room

by bold-lichterman

We already knew, the first digital cinema hall, here is now CineVR, who wants to take you to a movie theater without making you move from your sofa thanks to virtual reality. Available on smartphones and computers, this new service, called “CineVR”, offers the possibility of watching content (trailers, 3D videos, 360-degree videos, films and series) simultaneously with relatives or friends, no matter what. where they are found on the globe. To have access to this experience, all you need is a smartphone and a virtual reality box with an audio headset to be in total immersion in a virtual cinema room.

This “virtual reality Netflix” was created under the impetus of the start-up Cinemur. Launched in 2013 by Julien Nicault and Olivier Chatel, it has positioned itself as an alternative to AlloCiné by developing a community of 350,000 members. In 2014, the company added another string to its bow by launching into the design of video on demand services for brands, notably for Fnac (FnacPLAY) or Warner Bros. Seeing virtual reality as an opportunity to reinvent the experience of the spectator in cinema, Julien Nicault and his team decided to go even further by launching into the design of CineVR.

This new application is in line with Cinemur’s existing services since this new approach to cinema is already offered by Fnac on its video-on-demand service to allow its customers to watch films under the conditions. of a movie theater… but without the drawbacks. No viewers next to you giggling or wanting to go to the bathroom with CineVR, just the movie in front of your eyes.

Cinemur: the key data

Founder: Julien nicault
Creation: 2013
The head office : Paris
Activity: recommendation site for films and series, design of VOD services and development of a virtual reality application
Workforce: 15 employees