Christian Kamayou (MyAfricanStartUp): “South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda are the locomotives of African Tech”

by bold-lichterman

Although experts around the world agree that Africa will be the continent of tomorrow for many years, it still largely continues to develop in the shadow of the United States, which shines with GAFAM and Silicon. Valley, Asia, with BATX, and Europe, including London, Paris and Station F. To change the situation, Christian Kamayou decided to take action to give African start-ups the opportunity to shine in Africa, but also internationally.

In this sense, he created MyAfricanStartUp, a platform that aims to promote African entrepreneurship by facilitating the connection of African start-ups with the media and investors. As a continuation of this initiative to support young African entrepreneurs, MyAfricanStartUp produces an annual list of “100 African start-ups where to invest”. This indicator thus allows investors to identify African nuggets to support them in their development.

In Africa, Christian Kamayou believes that South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda are pillars of African entrepreneurship on which entrepreneurs must rely to make Africa shine on a global scale. To bring African Tech to the fore, initiatives are also emerging in Europe, particularly in France. In January, the venture capital fund Partech has launched a fund of 100 million euros to take off African start-ups with initial tickets ranging between 500,000 euros and 5 million euros. With the proliferation of these structures, African entrepreneurs hope to follow in the footsteps of the Jumia e-commerce platform, considered as “the African Amazon”, which has become the first African unicorn.

On the occasion of Napoleons summit held at the beginning of January in Val d’Isère, Christian Kamayou presented his project as well as his vision of African entrepreneurship.