[Chip and Pin] Paypal Here is coming to Europe

by bold-lichterman

In March 2012, Paypal announced the launch of a new mobile payment solution for small traders. Baptized Paypal Here, the service consists of a dedicated mobile application and a mini card reader easily linked to an iPhone, which acts as a payment terminal.

This solution, which competes directly with that of Square, was for the moment only available in the United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. An article from The Verge specifies that the Paypal Here solution will be launched within a few weeks in the United Kingdom with full deployment during the summer. The opening to other European countries should come later.

However, unlike the solution offered in the United States, Paypal Here will be presented in Europe in the form of a plastic box for smart cards, where users will be able to enter their pin code. The solution will be called “Chip and Pin”.

For its part, Square unveiled yesterday a new cash register kit dedicated to small traders.