Chinese researchers invent the facial recognition cash machine

by bold-lichterman

What better way to secure a bank card than to associate the face of its owner in addition to the 4-digit code? It is on this innovation that a team of Chinese researchers and engineers focused. Coming from Tsinghua University in Beijing and the company Tzekwan Technology, they presented a close friend an automatic cash machine capable of identifying the facies, reports the Chinese Finance people site.

Using cameras and integrated facial recognition software, this machine compares the user’s face with the passport photo provided to their bank beforehand. It does not issue money if the two do not match. Thus, bank card thieves will not be able to withdraw money even though they have been aware of the code associated with it. In China, bank card fraud costs banks tens of millions of dollars every year.

The first machines of this type should be installed in Hangzhou, 200 kilometers southwest of Shanghai, in local banks and police offices, in order to combat credit card theft. Before being deployed on a large scale, however, the system must receive approval from the Chinese certification authority. Tests are in progress.


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