Chinese giant Didi Chuxing joins forces with Continental to promote new forms of mobility in China

by bold-lichterman

In 2018, Didi Chuxing decided to step up a gear. Already engaged in international expansion, particularly in Australia and Mexico, the Chinese hybrid driver now wants to accelerate in the connected and intelligent car segment. In this sense, the Chinese company has entered into a partnership with the German automotive supplier Continental.Apple-converted-space “>

As part of this partnership, Continental is committed to providing an intelligent and connected dashboard for the first generation of Didi Chuxing shared vehicles. This is the first time that the German supplier has offered this technology to a VTC platform, which marks a de facto major step for Continental in its breakthrough in mobility services. “New energies, carpooling and smart driving show the direction for the automotive industry and mobility services“, Said Jun Yang, vice-president of Didi Chuxing.Apple-converted-space “>

The agreement signed between Didi Chuxing and Continental is in line with the launch earlier this year of the Didi Auto Alliance to allow the Chinese group to collaborate with 31 players in the automotive industry, including the three largest global manufacturers that are Volkswagen, Toyota and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. This alliance aims to pool everyone’s resources and data to develop new mobility services (rental, car-sharing, carpooling, etc.). Didi Chuxing has set the goal of using 1 million electric vehicles by 2020 and 10 million by 2028.