China’s Huawei made $ 3.4 billion in purchases in Europe in 2013

by bold-lichterman

The Chinese multinational claims more than 7,000 jobs on European territory

huawei-2BRIEF – Ken Hu, CEO of Huawei, revealed to the occasion of the Davos Economic Forum that his group had acquired for 3.4 billion dollars (2.48 billion euros) of components, engineering services and logistics in Europe, an amount which should increase in the coming years according to his forecasts. “Europe has a long tradition of innovation, as well as a rich history in terms of culture, management and technological expertise,” he explained.

Today claiming 14 offices in Europe, two research and development centers for a total of 7,700 jobs on the Old Continent. Mr. Hu displayed his optimism: “confident in the future of Europe, we will continue to invest in this region” before explaining that, according to him, “open and free trade policies […] will help pave the way for a more competitive ICT sector and thus fuel the growth of the digital economy ”.

Founded in 1987, Huawei posted sales of $ 39.44 billion in 2013, with a profit of just under $ 5 billion [lire notre article : Près de 40 milliards de dollars de CA pour le chinois Huawei en 2013, ndlr]. According to the company, more than 25 billion dollars have been invested in R&D over the past ten years.