China: 618 million internet users including 302 million cyber-buyers

by bold-lichterman

Mobile use is also experiencing very strong growth

BRIEF – China now has 618 million Internet users if we believe the figures published by the CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), reported by TechInAsia, for the month of December 2013, i.e. a penetration rate of 45.8%. As the site recalls, these figures are to be compared with those of July which then counted 591 million users.

In addition to this very strong growth, it is also the use of mobile which is spreading at full speed with 500 million mobile users, against 460 million a few months earlier. Over one year, this represents growth of over 19%.

These estimates are a gold mine for e-merchants in a country that now has 302 million cyber-shoppers. To cope with this strong demand, the main Chinese e-merchants are busy investing heavily in logistics. Alibaba has thus invested $ 364 million in Haier in December. Tencent gave him the answer with a stake of just over 9% in China South City for 195 million dollars.

china-internet-graphNumber of Internet users in China

china-mobile-graphNumber of mobile users in China
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