[Chiffres] The boom in the online and mobile gaming industry

by bold-lichterman

New media, new games, new markets … As part of the Paris Games Week, which opened its doors this morning, the National Video Game Union (SNJV) just published a white paper on the subject. On the menu, a detailed inventory, but above all many key figures, revealing a booming sector. Thus, the mobile game industry alone would generate a turnover of $ 5.2 billion in 2011. An amount which should approach $ 10.6 billion by 2015.

Chiffres The boom in the online and mobile gaming industry

Other notable figures include:

  • 73% of French players play online
  • In France, 5.7M people play video games by paying on the internet
  • On Facebook 350M followers play together, or 53% of users
  • France is the first countryafter the United States, in terms of production of games on Facebook, and has some leaders in this field such as, Adictiz, AntVoice, Kobojo
  • Online gaming business turnover would amount to € 13.3 billion worldwide in 2011
  • 12.8M French people play on mobile phones
  • Angry Birds recorded 350M downloads in 3 years, compared to 120M copies for Mario in 30 years
  • 53% of French companies in the sector develop their games for iPhone, 43% for iPad, 35% for Facebook, 34% for Android, 26% for PlayStation 3, 18% for Wii
  • In France, the global turnover of video games could reach 2.7 billion € in 2011
  • Women represent 52% of players but only 16.5% of players are under 18