Cheetah digital wants to help marketers build the best cross-channel campaigns

by bold-lichterman

Created in June 2017 following the takeover of Experian’s Marketing services activities, Cheetah Digital intends to establish itself in the cross-channel campaign segment. The group was born from an observation: marketers need to be surrounded and supported, despite the advanced technology they have today. The company thus puts its data, software and expertise at their service to help them connect with their customers and optimize their brand’s results.

The customer and the marketer are at the center of Cheetah Digital’s strategy and technological innovations. Resolutely committed to marketers, the company adapts to their expectations and helps them achieve the expected performance of their cross-channel operations. Their platform is capable of deploying complex campaigns, which can reach a large scale (several billion sends per month).

The international company, headquartered in New York, seeks to respond to the issues of major brands and counts Doctors of the World, Delta Airlines and Hilton among its clients.

Interview with Stéphane Baranzelli, Europe Managing Director of Cheetah Digital:

Cheetah Digital : les informations clés
  • Creation date: june 2017
  • Seat: New York
  • Workforce: 1,600 employees worldwide
  • Offices: 17 in the world