CES Las vegas: “On our scale, it’s a bit like a trip to the Moon”

by bold-lichterman

Nearly 200 French start-ups will make the long-awaited trip to the CES in Las Vegas, which will be held from January 6 to 9, 2016. Most of them have been shortlisted by the CEA, the American association since last fall. Enough to leave them a few weeks to prepare and develop their offensive. Second part of their American adventure.

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Klaxoon is a start-up based in Rennes. It markets a platform whose ambition is to boost teamwork.

Klaxoon - Matthieu Beucher

Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon: We have set up a multidisciplinary team to be able to address the various interlocutors we wish to meet: sales, development, partnership and distributor. We have learned a lot in recent months because we had the chance to be selected for the WebSummit in Dublin and Slush in Helsinki in November with BusinessFrance, the opportunity to learn from all the FrenchTech dynamic, and to stock up on good ideas.

It is clear that the effort will be intense and that we have prepared ourselves as much as possible to be 100% operational on site … There are many opportunities, time flies very quickly, plus the enormous luck factor that plays on these major events, with a lot of chance encounters. On our scale, it’s a bit like a trip to the Moon. At the same time, for a tech start-up like Klaxoon, it’s also a huge event for the whole team.

Going to CES is one of the kids’ dreams of most of us… I might as well tell you that we are always too few to leave and that building the crew was difficult… We tried to be pragmatic but to leave a part , and a place for luck, which helped us a lot… We therefore organized an internal competition with a place to win for the CES. Challenge: make a short video that presents what Klaxoon is. in a few days more than a dozen videos were produced: all different, all illustrating the passion of our teams for the product. The whole company voted for the video that best represents what Klaxoon is. We took the winner with us so that he could share his vision and his passion with the people we will meet!

Founded in 2010, Biomouv is an online coaching site for preventing patients with chronic illnesses.


Sébastien Pascal, CEO of Biomouv: We were accompanied by South of France, the Languedoc Roussillon development agency which offered us logistical support as well as support in the preparation of our communication upstream and during the CES. We have also set up a dedicated team to prepare for the event.

Fabulasys develops MOTIO, a system for monitoring the quality of life from a distance.

Mehdi Cheraitia, CTO and Alexandre Antiphon, CEO.

Alexandre Antiphon, co-founder and president of Fabulasys: For the representation of the company at Eureka Park, we go to two. Mehdi, the co-founder and CTO and myself, co-founder and CEO. We have our press relations agency that accompanies us remotely while the CES Mission is present at the show to support us in meeting partners and investors.

The strategy is simple, succeed in exposing our technology, the vision we have on the deployment of the latter and highlighting the many interests in using a “medical” smart bracelet.

Emersya is a start-up based in Montpellier which develops e-marketing solutions.


Aurélien Vaysset, co-founder and CEO: For a start-up of eight people, every resource is essential and the parallel management of the daily activity of the start-up with that of our preparation for CES was not easy. To this end, Sud De France Développement provided us with invaluable help with full support which will continue during the event.

On the occasion of CES 2016, we mobilized three people, including the two founders, with the idea of ​​having at least two people on the stand at all times and a satellite capable of exploring opportunities. To optimize our presence in Las Vegas, we have already planned a number of professional meetings which will take place on site and on the sidelines of the show.

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