CES Las Vegas: “Made in France” assets to appeal to Americans

by bold-lichterman

Nearly 200 French start-ups will make the long-awaited trip to the CES in Las Vegas, which will be held from January 6 to 9, 2016. Most of them have been shortlisted by the CEA, the American association since last fall. Enough to leave them a few weeks to prepare and develop their offensive.

Third part of their American adventure.

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FrenchWeb: What is your “made in France” asset according to you, your differentiation?

Klaxoon is a start-up based in Rennes. It markets a platform whose ambition is to boost teamwork.

Klaxoon - Matthieu Beucher

Matthieu Bleucher, CEO of Klaxoon: Our asset? Expertise, enthusiasm, and “the interactive spirit»Klaxoon: we find all this energy in the solution, great ideas, which we try to implement well, with great ease of use… A nice mix of design and techno that increasingly distinguishes French start-ups.

We are proud to defend this FrenchTouch. It takes a lot of work, with a lot of different jobs. We are lucky to have all these talents in France, from design to software engineering. The key is to be able to get everyone to work together with agility. what we try to do every day!

All lights are on the green to develop us. The objective is therefore to accelerate and find new international users. We also signed up for pitch sessions and were contacted to have Klaxoon used to host several meetings during CES.

Founded in 2010, Biomouv is an online coaching site for preventing patients with chronic illnesses.


Sébastien Pascal, CEO of Biomouv: Our technologies integrate French know-how in medical, food and lifestyle. We are developing a unique technology for the remote rehabilitation of patients with chronic diseases. Our patented technology is the only one in the world to be able to adapt in real time a rehabilitation program composed of structured interventions in adapted physical activity and nutrition.

Fabulasys develops MOTIO, a system for monitoring the quality of life from a distance.

Mehdi Cheraitia, CTO and Alexandre Antiphon, CEO.

Alexandre Antiphon, co-founder and president of Fabulasys: The strength that we have within this edition of CES 2016 is to find ourselves at the heart of the FrenchTech community which brings together more than 150 French start-ups and therefore places France just behind the USA.

It is the best place to increase its visibility, France is even more expected than last year with its know-how.

Emersya is a start-up based in Montpellier which develops e-marketing solutions.


Aurélien Vaysset, co-founder and CEO: I would say that our main “made in France” asset remains in our desire to innovate and our determination to make accessible to all a technically complex breakthrough solution requiring a long R&D phase. The solution that we are unveiling at CES is the result of 4 years of intense R&D and was notably awarded at the i-lab competition organized by the French Ministry of Research in 2014.

Beyond our determination, it is the quality and the outcome of our technology that are already highly appreciated across the Atlantic, both by our current customers and by consumers. It is therefore without complex and with a complete solution that we want to bring a new dimension to the shopping experience of Internet users around the world!

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