[CES 2018] Tech for human: 3 start-ups that caught the attention of the HUB Institute

by bold-lichterman

From well-being to sport through connected health, new technologies serve vitality, longevity and our safety. Our 2018 vintage noted at CES.

Domalys: seniors helped by the tech genius who resides in the “Aladin” lamp

CES 2018 Tech for human 3 start ups that caught the

Monitor our old people to keep them with us longer: this is the expected benefit of Aladin, a connected lamp developed by the French start-up Domalys which thus wishes “improve and facilitate the daily life of vulnerable people and those around them ”.

Use: Monitoring of seniors

Dressing the interior of the elderly, this lamp has the ability to detect abnormal behaviors of the latter and alert a “Circle of solidarity” previously defined in case of danger. The start-up relies on both BtoC and BtoB to guarantee its growth and access to the market. On the BtoC market, this lamp could establish itself as an essential tool combining the principles of “Smart home” (one of the essential themes of this CES 2018) and the silver economy. A use that can therefore convince seniors, who want to stay as long as possible at home, and their relatives who thus postpone the deadline for moving to a retirement home, which is very expensive and psychologically difficult. Retirement homes are also a potential distribution channel: nursing staff, who often encounter staffing problems, could be assisted by Aladin.

Techno: sensors controlled by Predicare Technology

To achieve these objectives, Domalys has equipped its connected lamp with different sensors to detect the abnormal behavior of elderly people (falls, long immobilizations, frequent nocturnal awakenings, getting lost outdoors, etc.) which may be linked to the pathologies in which they are the main affected such as nighttime anxiety, cardiovascular accidents or even Alzheimer’s disease. In the event of a problem, the caregivers (family circle or professionals) can be immediately notified by means of a mobile app summarizing the known data of the incident.

The operation of the Domalys Aladin lamp is ensured by Predicare technology developed by the company of the same name, a specialist in solutions to prevent the loss of autonomy of seniors. The two French companies have joined forces, allowing Predical to expand its preventive monitoring offer, while Domalys for its part greatly emphasizes its know-how in connected technologies. The objective of the two partners remaining jointly “To build a comprehensive and scalable prevention offer for seniors who are always at their homes”.

The Xenoma e-Skin: when your vital signs reveal your true potential

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Yes Xenoma had already introduced its wetsuit in the past, it returns this year with application models that prove that the e-Skin is ready for commercialization. This is evidenced by the various partnerships forged by the young Japanese shoot with brands such as Hugo Boss. The two companies will thus produce a sports derivative of the e-Skin offered to golf players to measure their performance. Before a possible outlet for the general public, the e-Skin is currently only distributed to developers, invited to use the combination’s API.

Another sector targeted by innovation: the medical sector with the automation of diagnostics.

Sport, health or gaming: the e-Skin bets on several markets

But beyond the sports and health market, won’t the short-term e-skin killer-app reside more in its gaming operation? On its booth at CES, the suit transforms the human body

into a real “joystick” of games. A small video game developed for the occasion is thus offered to the public who can move a character through gestures with a precision rarely equaled in terms of sensitive control.

Techno: collection of biometric data by sensors

To achieve these results, the e-Skin suit is of course equipped with a myriad of sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, etc.) which roam the neuralgic points of the human body (visible by silver lines on the black fabric of the suit : see the video). The data recorded by the latter are transmitted by a central hub to any other paired terminal via bluetooth.

iMicroMed: the thermometer is revolutionized for the benefit of all

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iMicroMed, a young American start-up, aims to establish itself in the wearable market by democratizing access to professional-quality data. First example: the ThermaPatch, a connected thermometer.

The latter is aimed primarily at young parents through pharmacies or general practitioners). With this thermometer, they have an easy-to-use solution that allows them to monitor their children’s temperature in real time and continuously. The data is then sent to mobile terminals to be used by an application that formats them using professional graphics and advice directly addressed to parents. Doctors and hospital staff can also access this data remotely, or upon presentation, in order to be instantly informed of any critical health problem.

For iMicroMed, the presentation of the ThermaPatch is above all a way to promote its know-how and to remind that beyond temperature, the company also designs devices capable of accurately measuring other vital constants such as rhythm. cardiac (for use in the silver economy in particular) or fertility …


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