[CES 2018] Olivier Ezratty report

by bold-lichterman

Return of Olivier Ezratty’s CES live on FrenchWeb
This Thursday February 1, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Editor’s note: FrenchWeb will broadcast live the CES debrief of Olivier Ezratty, Thursday February 1 with Cap Digital and Systematic, via their think tank Living Things, at Bpifrance boulevard Haussmann in Paris. Start-ups that participated in CES 2018 will also be present.

The event is already sold out, but you can attend its live broadcast on FrenchWeb from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. #staytuned


And one more, the thirteenth!

Here is my new CES Las Vegas 2018 Report, using the pretext of this gigantic trade fair to offer you a complete overview once a year of technologies and solutions intended for the general public, top to bottom, from electronic components to the large seismic movements of the market .

It is also the day of the biggest drop in productivity in all of French Tech! It will start by affecting the hundreds of French exhibitors at CES who wonder what sauce they are eaten in the Report. Fortunately, there are more readers than that! The CES 2017 Report has been downloaded 26,168 times to date on my site.

You can download the report!

The CES Report is always offered to you as a PDF file. I’m still not asking you to provide your email or any personal information! It’s 200% GDPR compliant! There is no ePub, sorry for this time.

The 2018 Report is downloadable on this link, by clicking on the report cover below or on the button above. It is 33 MB in its standard version and I have concocted a more compressed version of 13 MB which will be useful for those who read it on certain e-readers which limit the size of searchable PDFs, or for reading on a smartphone for those who have good eyes.

You can refer to the CES 2018 Report in your online or print publications. In this case, use a pointer to this article rather than the PDF. I would also be grateful if you do not publish this PDF on an ebook sharing platform. This allows me to more easily count the number of downloads and manage updates for corrections.

You will read the Report PDF on the screen of your choice or print it, preferably double-sided and in color. In this case, it will be around 21mm thick and weigh 1kg in A4 format and with a weight of 20g.

CES 2018 Olivier Ezratty report

You can also view and even download my many photos from this CES which are classified by categories (audio, components, drones, photo, VR, etc.) in my in-house WordPress plugin which has been used on the Opinions Libres blog since 2014.

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The report is still published in this good old PDF format. It remains easy to generate from my master laid out in Word. And this time around, I applied the kernel and ligature options which should save me comments like “why is it not produced in LaTEX? “.

Discover the novelties of the 2018 edition

This 2018 edition is 400 pages long while the 2017 edition was 396. Its size is thus as stable as the global smartphone market! In practice, it was rather the side effects of the report that increased the pagination: the list of French exhibitors and the visit and exhibitor guide. This means that the rest has decreased, perhaps reflecting a slightly lower density of innovation for the year than the previous one. But don’t worry, there is still plenty to take care of!

Here are some key themes of this 2018 edition:

  • You always have a summary of key trends 2018 for those who are in a hurry in 18 pages and even another which fits in only one page, page 32. With in particular a point on the transverse presence of artificial intelligence in this CES.
  • I added a new one perspective by vertical market with a sort of mini-summary and associated mini-tour guide (banking, insurance, retail, telecoms, media, construction, tourism, health, public sector, luxury goods, agriculture).
  • A benchmark quantitative and qualitative which compares the CES to other major exhibitions of the year in the world.
  • I restructured and enriched the Visitor’s Guide and the Exhibitor’s Guide from CES! From year to year, he benefits from each other’s experience. Note that of Stéphane Bohbot, founder of the distribution group INNOV8 Group, whose verbatim I took from a presentation at Business France on the distribution of connected objects.
  • A complete panorama of 412 French companies present at CES in one way or another. This is my count, higher than the official figures because I always include French companies exhibiting on the stand of other companies or even outside the show and those that I discover on site during my visit. I segment them by regions and fields of activity. This year again, I am counting the casting errors by region and by reason, because there are more and more of them: around 20% of French exhibitors. France now represents 8% of official CES exhibitors, behind the USA and China, and half of the European Union (UK included). I also suggest a few ways to improve qualitatively the French presence at the next CES.
  • The usual stupid marketing practices exhibitors from CES. It still cheers up the zygomatics as much as many other parts of this Report.
  • A point on the 5G, its technologies and standards, which will immunize you against some of the spiel from the players in the telecoms market who are announcing its arrival in 2020 when the standards are not yet dry.
  • A point on the smart city which was mainly dealt with from the angle of intelligent transport during the CES.
  • A topo on the teleportation, which wasn’t shown at CES, unless it was in a top-secret sequel with an ad-vitamins confidentiality clause.
  • Always so manyconnected objects from the most classic to the most amazing, especially in sleep techs and pet techs.
  • The usual overview of components covering processors, including quantum and neuromorphic, SSD storage, networks Wi-Fi and M2M, photo / video / LiDAR sensors, 4K and 8K display, and sensors of all kinds, haptics, eye tracking and EEG (electroencephalograms).

Those who have contributed to the re-readings and revisions of the CES 2018 Report

I am publishing this Report after almost a week in “beta phase” as a complex product to develop.

It benefited from proofreading by a few regular volunteers or rookies. They are Ismail Allalcha, Olivier Cahagne, Dimitri Carbonnelle, Olivier Carmona, Christian Chabrerie, Vidal Chriqui, Christophe Connille, Carine Coulm, Stéphane Gervais, Bruno de Latour, Stéphane Mougin, Yvon Patte, Gérard Peres, Vincent Pinte-Deregnaucourt, Alain Reverchon, Olivier Seres and Godefroy Troude.

I thank them with you, like every year, for their painstaking work in detecting the bugs in this vast document of more than a million signs! Contact me by email by the beginning of January 2019 if you are willing to do the same for the 2019 edition. It would be particularly good if there were more women among these contributors, many more!

As every year, I continue to incorporate corrections and additions to the CES Report for a few weeks following its publication. You can point out errors or omissions to me. I am correcting them by updating the PDF on this site. A log of revisions is updated at the end of the Report.

Can I help you!

The fact that this CES 2018 Report is free is one of its success factors. I favor wide distribution so that it benefits as many people as possible, especially students, young executives and entrepreneurs. It is a logic of technological and entrepreneurial proselytism that I have been pursuing constantly since 2006, in the same way as with the Startups Guide that I update faithfully each year and whose next edition, the 22nd will be released in April 2018 or with The Uses of Artificial Intelligence, published in October 2017.

I then intervene conferences in companies and professional associations and providing product strategy consulting in some of the areas covered by the report. In short, the long and general version is free and the short and custom version is chargeable.

The other key point is that my interventions in companies indirectly finance the report and without generating conflicts of interest or influencing its content. So this report exists because of a few companies and organizations playing along and understanding both the spirit and what they can get out of it. Note that I never do the guide at CES. If I did that, I wouldn’t be able to run around the entire show.


Following the publication of the CES Report, I therefore intervene in companies but also in more or less public events, knowing that they are almost all sold-out:

  • Monday 29 January: CES 2018 debrief at the Innovation Factory in Paris (by invitation and sold-out).
  • Tuesday, January 30: in a debate on CES 2018 with Philippe Mabille, editor-in-chief of the Tribune, Sylvain Rolland, journalist at the Tribune and Stéphane Bohbot from the INNOV8 group, at the headquarters of the CCIP avenue Friedland in Paris (registrations).
  • Tuesday January 30: CES debrief for students fromEPITA, of the’EPITECH and the group IONIS, at the Kremlin Bicêtre.
  • Thursday February 1: CES 2018 debrief with Cap Digital and Systematic, at Bpifrance boulevard Haussmann in Paris (sold out). This is the sixth time! Startups from the two competitiveness clusters will testify about their adventure at CES on this occasion. These are Dibotics, Arkamys, Suricog, CareOS and Oledcomm.
  • Tuesday February 13: CES debrief supplemented by a making of of the ESC Report to the BNF Mitterrand, hosted by Fanny Bouton and with the intervention of Pierre Lebeau from the Keecker startup who exhibited at CES (registrations).
  • Thursday February 15: debrief for members of the EBG (Electronic Business Club).

Good reading!

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The expert:


Olivier Ezratty is a consultant and author. He advises companies on the development of their innovation strategies, and in particular in the sector of connected objects and artificial intelligence. Very active in the ecosystem of startups that he supports as a consultant, advisor, speaker and author, he is appreciated for the in-depth articles on his blog Free opinions in very diverse fields. He has published the “Startups Guide” as well as the “CES Las Vegas Report” every year since 2006. Olivier is an expert for FrenchWeb which resumes from time to time the publication of articles on his blog.