[CES 2018] Mobility: 3 remarkable start-ups identified by the HUB Institute

by bold-lichterman

After having mentioned smart cities, it makes sense to take a look at the challenges of mobility. This season of CES 2018 was placed under the seal of autonomous cars which bring with it the promise of a greener and above all a safer future. But beyond the big manufacturers, a few start-ups have been able to do well with complementary technologies.

Ujet: the electric scooter that bends to your requirements

CES 2018 Mobility 3 remarkable start ups identified by the HUB

Combining mobility, simplicity, ecology and futuristic design: this is the challenge of Ujet. This Luxembourg-based start-up (and owned by the Russian group Ocsial) offers what could be the future of two-wheelers in urban areas.

Use: a scooter that transports you and can be transported

Ujet is an electric scooter that is the most agile and practical of its generation. It is powered by a battery that can be charged on any type of terminal currently on the market (including on the standard electrical network via adapters available to the general public). This gives it a range of 150 kilometers for a maximum speed of 45 km / h. Last but not least, its practicality and compact design make it a real mobile object: Ujet is also extremely transportable since it is foldable and weighs 43 kilograms.

Still, this scooter of the future is for the moment accessible at an average price of 8,600 euros, which intends it initially for the luxury transport market or as part of an urban development program set up by communities and other partners BtoB.

Tech: inspired by avionics and ultra-connected

To make his scooter such a light mobility instrument, Ujet had the idea to use the same materials and alloys used in the design of modern airplanes to reduce their weight. In addition, the scooter dashboard is fully connected to allow monitoring of its load or performance from a mobile app. This allows voice control for starting or stopping the two-wheeler, playing music, activating an on-board HD camera to film urban adventures or even remotely deactivating the device in the event of flight.

To increase the practicality of its urban scooter, the start-up has also designed the battery that serves as its heart as a global recharging element for all the user’s devices. Once the scooter is parked or “stowed”, the Ujet’s battery can be removed and transported indoors at will to be recharged at any outlet or as a generator for other devices. Ujet first jewel scooter?

Connected Signals: What if you never had to stop at traffic lights again?

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The American start-up Connected Signals develops an innovative solution based on Open Data. The goal? Enable drivers to understand all traffic light timings in the city and make their driving more economical.

Usage: know exactly when the traffic lights change color

The application developed by Connected Signals displays on a GPS map the presence of traffic lights installed on the road network of the partner cities of the project (such as New York). Even more powerfully, the driver of the automobile is informed in real time of the timings before the lights change color. In this way, he can anticipate traffic behavior and adapt his driving accordingly. The result: better eco-driving as well as time, comfort and money savings.

For the cities participating in this project, it is also a way of making profitable the data generated by their road networks in order to reduce congestion on the roads and the risk of accidents.

If for the moment, Connected Signals is mainly aimed at human drivers, the start-up team has understood that the future of roads belongs to autonomous cars and leaves the door open to possible collaboration with stakeholders. of the Automotive.

Techno: exploitation of Open Data

The Connected Signals app is above all a GPS solution. Its optimization is based on the use of open data from municipalities (for the time being all American) participating in the start-up’s project. This data covers in particular the positioning of fixed and mobile traffic lights, as well as their operating time, but also speed limits. The integration of third-party data such as civil interventions (police, firefighters, ambulances, etc.) or those transmitted by other drivers on the Waze model, could constitute the second step of this innovative program in terms of smart city and open -data

Nuviz: the ultimate biker hands-free kit

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Bikers know that associating driving with other activities is dangerous and even fatal. Nuviz puts an end to this dilemma with its head-up display.

Use: increase the functions accessible to motorcyclists while improving their driving

Nuviz offers a head-up display (or in English HUD, understand a visual interface mounted on the helmet) that concentrates multiple application services. Concretely, the biker has a small augmented reality screen positioned behind the visor of his helmet and a controller attached to the handlebars of his motorcycle. It can thus control the display of a GPS, a musical selection (the sound being transmitted directly inside the helmet), receive or make calls … all while avoiding the loss of visual contact with the road and without his hand does not leave the handlebars. Comfort of use which solves many of the problems encountered by users of two-wheelers (wires in suits, ear cups in helmets, compulsory stops to take a photo, etc.).

NUVIZ – Enhance Your Ride. from NUVIZ we Vimeo.

Techno: a dedicated application combining the HUD and the smartphone

The Nuviz HUD is above all a display technology. To work, it needs to be paired with a smartphone via a dedicated application. This allows the user to program his GPS journeys, his music playlists, and other services he wishes to use on the road before his trip. Once engaged on the asphalt, the application sends data from the smartphone to the HUD which displays them.


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