CES 2016: the report (trends, panorama of French companies …)

by bold-lichterman

Here at the scheduled time of the scheduled date CES Report 2016, eleventh of its kind! It reconstructs the puzzle of CES 2016 in Las Vegas and the news of the year in digital entertainment and even a little beyond.

Even if it comes after the media tornado that accompanies the CES, this report remains relevant long after the show. It is also a unique tool in the world, by its shape and size, whatever the language. In any case, according to the organizers of the CES who know the world production of the media and analysts following the show.

This report complements my first account of key points posted as I boarded my return flight to Las Vegas airport the day after the show ended. It became the introduction to the Complete Report, which I updated, completed and illustrated with photos.

Download the report

As usual, this Report is free to download as a PDF, and I’m not even asking you to enter any identity. I am only counting the number of downloads which were 14,355 times for the 2015 edition, without counting the broadcasts other than via my blog and which I do not control as in the intranet of certain large companies.

The 2016 Report can be downloaded on this link or by clicking on the report cover below. If you want to refer to it in your post, use a pointer to this post rather than the PDF. The file is 30 MB. You can read it on the screen of your choice or print it.

CES Report 2016 Cover Page

You can also access my many photos of this CES which are classified by categories (audio, components, drones, photo, etc.) in my homemade WordPress plugin Photo-Folders which equips this blog. Some of these photos are commented.

By the way, an explanation on the choice of PDF format: it is the only one that is easy to generate from my master edited in Word. I have been asked several times to create a .epub or .mobi version. It takes time to prepare and experience, this kind of version is little downloaded. I had experienced it a few years ago for the Report or for the Start-up Guide. However, if any of you volunteer to make this conversion, you are welcome!

Key points of the 2016 edition

Here are the key themes of this edition knowing that the emphases are different from one year to the next:

  • A summary of key trends for those in a hurry in 12 pages (11-22) and one page (page 23). I added some indications of why the presence of large companies at CES.

  • It always starts with a qualitative and quantitative view of the consumer electronics market with the usual focus on the main large companies in the sector, and which ones are doing better or worse. I also provide data on the size of the consumer market by product category. It is always good to have the orders of magnitude in mind!

  • This continues with a guide to visit or exhibit at CES. It is intended to be very comprehensive and, year after year, it consolidates the collective experience of FrenchTech exhibitors, which is thus shared in a very open manner.

  • A detailed quantitative and qualitative panorama of the 250 French companies present at CES this year in one way or another. This is a higher count than that of FrenchTech because I identify French companies not listed before the show, in particular those exhibiting on the stand of other companies. Most of the time, these companies do not show up particularly, which explains their absence from the FrenchTech account.

  • The betrayal of the marketing practices of companies present at CES with some innovations this year.

  • Update on assisted and automatic driving cars as well as drones of all kinds.

  • A much more extensive section on connected objects – 64 pages – which notably includes connected watches, virtual reality as well as objects in the field of well-being and health as well as a little robotics.

  • And of course all the rest which has not disappeared for all that and still constitutes the bulk of the turnover of the digital entertainment sector: TVs, smartphones, tablets, photos, audio, PCs, etc. 3D printing and the material world of the game.

  • It ends for engineers and other geeks with an overview of the component market covering processors including quantum and synaptic to see far, SSD storage, networks including M2M networks, photo / video sensors, l ‘4K and OLED display and sensors of all kinds.

The whole is 338 pages long, 34 more than in the 2015 edition. It is the wealth of the sector that wants it! And yet, each subject is treated fairly quickly, and even rather skimmed over (to my taste).

If you download this report and are used to it, you know that its characteristics are its exhaustive and sometimes a little rough side, and at the same time serious and light depending on the places you have to discover. It’s up to you to sort it out!

Contributions for proofreading and revisions

I’m releasing this Report after a few days of “beta” like good old software. It benefited from the proofreading of a few loyal or new volunteers, which allows it to be refined like a good wine. They are Bruno de Latour, Carine Coulm, Christian Cbabrerie, Christophe Connille, Dimitri Carbonnelle, Godefroy Troude, Mathieu Hardy, Olivier Cahagne, Olivier Carmona, Shy Shriqui, Stéphane Mougin, Thomas Delouvrier, Vidal Chriqui and Xavier Niel. You can thank them very low! Contact me by email by early January 2017 if you are willing to do the same for the 2017 edition.

I also continue to make some corrections and additions to the report during the month following its publication. You can point out errors or omissions to me. I correct them by updating the PDF on this site, knowing that a log of revisions is updated at the end of the document.

Freemium model of the CES Report

The free access to this CES 2016 Report surprises many every year, especially those who discover it. How is it possible to have a product in such an all-blue ocean: high value, completely free, and without ads that would make you, the reader, an unintentional product?

The reason is simple: by making it free, it becomes accessible to as many people as possible and in particular to young people including young entrepreneurs interested in the world of connected objects and by a possible presence at CES as a visitor or exhibitor. This is part of technological and entrepreneurial proselytism, in the same way as Startups Guide !

It’s my (mega) business card and greeting card of the year that takes a big month’s work. I then monetize it by speaking at conferences in companies and by doing product strategy consulting in some of the areas covered by the report. Another way of looking at it: the long version is free and the short version is chargeable. In companies, time is money, so we find our way around.

My interventions in companies therefore indirectly finance the report without presenting the risk of creating conflicts of interest. My missions are short. I don’t sell long-term projects which allows me to remain editorially independent. So the relationship also exists because companies play the game and understand both the spirit and what they can get out of it. It is a rather different model from the sponsorship which is frequent in the media.

Note that I am speaking publicly at the end of the day on January 28, 2016 at the Bpifrance Hub in the company of some exhibiting companies of CES 2016 (Craft.ai, Blue Frog Robotics, iFeelSmart, Withings and Slow Control). This session is organized by the competitiveness clusters CapDigital and Systematic and the registrations are here, assuming there is still room. I also intervene in particular (or intervened depending on the date on which you read this) at Connected Objects Hub January 26, at EBG on January 27 and with theAcademy of Technologies at the Cité des Sciences de la Villette about the transport of tomorrow, February 10.

As this report is free, share it with your network, your company or your close, remote or virtual friends!

Happy reading!


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