CES 2016: First observations and major trends

by bold-lichterman

The world high-tech show, the CES (Consumer Electronic Show), opens its doors this week. Mathieu Flaig, Head of Training & Consulting within Think Thank Digital HUB Institute, offers us a first view from Las Vegas, a few hours before the official opening of the show.

I) France in a strong position With 190 companies and start-ups from French Tech, France is the second country represented at CES behind the United States! CES-2016-01II) The rise of the Internet of Things Two types of objects are featured at the show: new equipment, and those that connect and digitize existing ones. We can mention in particular: – Cop : a simple button connected to your smartphone or tablet that allows you to very easily activate unique actions: launch a playlist, trigger a phone call, take a photo… This object has already raised nearly $ 1 million on Indiegogo and does not shouldn’t stop there. cop_usagesAutobrain : a physical device and an application that transform your good old car into a connected automobile, in particular by defining profiles according to the drivers. The connected car is a real long-term trend, since it is estimated that by 2020, 90% of cars will be connected to the Internet. – Allocacoc : the “Smart Home” is a central subject of CES, and the objects developed by this start-up illustrate it in all simplicity. They allow you to recreate your own electrical control system at home or in the office without going through an electrician.

III) Virtual and augmented reality very present Several strong signals make virtual reality one of the show’s essentials: we will meet Facebook and its Oculus Rift (whose pre-orders are announced for January 6, 2016), Samsung and its Gear VR, and which will announce a dedicated controller … If we add to this the future Playstation VR, Microsoft’s Hololens, or even Apple’s acquisitions in the sector, we have the ingredients to make 2016 a key year for the rise of this technology (even if there is still a lack in terms of content).


In terms of augmented reality, society’s favorite is Aipoly, whose application recognizes objects around us in real time, and which is particularly promising for people with visual impairments.

IV) Drones take flight The show should experience an invasion of flying objects, and among them, those of the French company Parrot which has announced a new Drone called Disco, flying at 80km / h and having 45 minutes of autonomy.

V) Voice and artificial intelligence to control your environment Who does not know Siri, the voice recognition software installed on all iOS devices? But we can also cite Cortana from Microsoft, or Alexa from Amazon. All are intended to simplify the relationship between the user and the machine, to the point of perhaps killing our faithful keyboard. UntitledVI) The opening of systems and the massive arrival of APIs To be successful, a product / service will now have to not only be open and connected, but also compatible with other devices and equipment. The goal is to reinforce utility, value and personalization. A good example to discover: API.AI. VII) Personal cybersecurity at the center of concerns Edouard Snowden will have enabled many people to realize that personal data could be recovered, analyzed, stolen… This opens up a new market for products like Keezel, which routes all your connections through VPN, making your communications more secure. keezel Want to know more ? Follow the CES 2016 news on http://hubinstitute.com/liveces/ About the HUB Institute: Think Tank Digital, it supports large companies in accelerating their digital transformation through training, strategy, events.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Vivier

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