CES 2015: 5 connected health start-ups

by bold-lichterman

BodyCap at CES 2014

Last year, BodyCap had been selected by the TES (Secure Electronic Transactions) pole to go to Las Vegas. After the many positive results of CES 2014, the Caen start-up is renewing the adventure. She had presented her flagship product, the e-celsius. This pill for seniors, once ingested, allowed to know the patient’s temperature. This is the project that brought together, in November 2011, teams from NXP, practitioners from the CHRU of Caen Basse-Normandie and a research laboratory for the creation of the young company.

BodyCap was subsequently incubated at Agoranov and in the Institute of Vision Incubator. Since then, the start-up has come a long way. This year, she took off for Las Vegas accompanied by Ob’do, another Norman start-up. Both will present “In great shape”, a system that aims to stimulate the physical activity of seniors. Temperature, walking speed, thanks to sensors placed on the torso, the user obtains an exercise program according to his abilities.