Cellfony, a mobile payment solution, launches its participatory fundraising

by bold-lichterman

Founded in 2008, Cellfony has developed a “mobile payment” platform. Intended mainly for very small businesses, this solution allows you to collect payment by credit card via your smartphone.

Cellfony a mobile payment solution launches its participatory fundraising

Jean-Luc Leleu, founder of Cellfony, specifies: “This is a free alternative to using a traditional payment terminal. We are targeting here the European market for individual entrepreneurs, liberal professions and health professionals, that of very small shops, itinerants, etc. ”

In order to initiate the launch of this new product, Cellfony appealed to Wiseed to organize a participatory fundraiser. Open to individuals, from 500 euros, this capital increase should bring together individual investors who wish to support the development of Cellfony’s activities and become a shareholder in this adventure, in the sense of an actor.

The start-up’s objective is therefore to accelerate its position on the European market in order to occupy a leading position there, like Square on the American continent, which now manages $ 11M in transactions per day, a volume that has tripled since July.