Cédric Teissier (Finexkap): “Fintechs are fighting to attract specialists in digital marketing, UX and data science”

by bold-lichterman

More than half (50.2%) of customers of traditional financial institutions (banks and insurers) also use the services of a fintech, according to a study carried out by Linkedin, Capgemini and EFMA carried out with 8,000 people in November. This success translates into a significant need for technical skills to develop FinTech services. What are the jobs most in demand by these start-ups? Cédric Teissier and Arthur de Catheu, the co-founders of Finexkap, a corporate treasury financing platform.

Frenchweb: What talents are currently the most sought after by FinTechs?

Cedric-Teissier- Arthur-de-Catheu-Finexkap-2016Cédric Teissier and Arthur de Catheu, co-founders of Finexkap: With technology as the engine of their innovation, Fintechs are looking for profiles such as UX designers and data scientists. The data scientist is a highly sought-after talent, especially since it is rare. Problem: knowing that they are being courted, these new digital talents then tend to behave like real mercenaries, moving from one start-up to another. Beyond these specialists, we are above all looking for talents with an entrepreneurial and technological spirit. But these needs change as the business grows. Indeed, once it has reached maturity, a FinTech will instead turn to profiles with solid financial experience, such as LendingClub, whose board of directors was populated by figures from the sector several years after its launch.

What problems do FinTechs encounter in their recruitment process?

Faced with the explosion of the sector, more and more FinTechs have to strengthen their teams. However, finding the talents capable of accompanying them in the adventure often turns out to be more complicated than expected and is sometimes even an obstacle course. It usually takes several months of research and interviews before you get your hands on the right person. Indeed, even if specialized training is emerging more and more in higher education, the FinTech industry still faces a talent shortage today and start-ups are fighting to attract digital marketers. , user experience and data science. It is a real race for digital talent that is being played out. And, even once recruited, the new employee (especially if he comes from a large financial institution) does not necessarily manage to adapt to the start-up mode of operation.

In what ways can FinTech attract these talents?

Autonomy, the freedom to orient the R&D strategy, involvement in the company’s mission are all advantages that can convince talents to join a FinTech. On the remuneration side, some Fintechs offer attractive salaries to attract talent. But what really attracts applicants is the unique opportunity to create the financial services of tomorrow. Fintechs, thanks to their agile organization, are breaking banking codes and reinventing the financial sector. Talents who are constrained by the weight of traditional organizations are thus given the chance to fully express their potential.

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