Cedexis, the battle for web page display time

by bold-lichterman

When we open an American site in France or a French site on the other side of the world, we do not always suspect the number of crossing points that the data must have crossed. And yet, each of them has the potential to slow down the flow of data. Internet users hate waiting for a page to appear, so the battle is played out to the millisecond at each stage.

According to Amazon, 100 ms lost when leaving the server causes a loss of 1% of sales. For Yahoo!, 400 ms of excess display time induce nearly 6% of traffic loss. Unstoppable statistic: 81% of Internet users interrupt viewing a video if its playback is suspended for buffering. Distributing as quickly as possible has therefore become a major issue, especially since the latency of a site is one of the criteria used by Google’s SEO algorithms.

Cedexis the battle for web page display timeFranco-American society Cedexis therefore focuses its technology on optimizing display times.
It audits in real time and worldwide the performance of thousands of CDNs (Content Delivery Network) and ISP (Internet Service Provider), pools data and then optimizes routing on behalf of its clients, including: France Télévisions, Canal +, Arte, Le Monde, Le Parisien, Rue du Commerce and the Prime Minister’s website.

Interview with Julien Coulon, co-founder of Cedexis.