CapitalG (ex-Google Capital) takes a minority stake in Dataiku

by bold-lichterman

The American start-up of French origin Dataiku welcomes to its capital the investment entity of Alphabet, CapitalG (ex-Google Capital), which buys part of the shares of a shareholder. This operation, which takes place on a small part of the capital, would nevertheless value the company 1.4 billion dollars, making it “eligible” for unicorn status. A year ago, Dataiku completed a $ 101 million fundraising round led by Iconiq Capital, alongside Alven Capital, on a valuation of $ 700 million.

Founded in 2013 by Marc Batty, Thomas Cabrol, Florian Douetteau and Clément Stenac, Dataiku developed Data Science Studio, a platform whose objective is to make the development of a predictive application more productive and efficient. From their data, companies can in particular predict which customers have the highest probability of leaving, or even optimize the content of a website by determining the visitor’s journey upstream.

In the market for predictive analysis solutions, Dataiku faces competition that is already well established, starting with the parent entity of its new shareholder, but also IBM, Microsoft, SAP, RapidMiner, Mathworks and its challenger Alteryx.

Dataiku: the key data

Founders: Marc Batty, Thomas Cabrol, Florian Douetteau and Clément Stenac
Creation: 2013
The head office : New York
Sector: Big data
Activity: predictive application development platform
Workforce: 400 employees