Can SEO consolidate your online reputation?

by bold-lichterman

Can the positioning of web pages on search engines really have an influence on your online reputation? Can natural referencing really counter the deleterious effects of bad buzz? Yes – as long as you use the right levers and adopt a long-term strategy. Whether you are a business or an individual, SEO comes to your rescue by consolidating your digital notoriety. Here’s how.

Consolidate your online reputation through natural referencing

Controlling the image that we convey on the web – this is a power that many companies and public figures would give dear to possess. This power, however, does exist: to be able to silence bad tongues, to choose to put forward informed opinions (not necessarily all rave, but simply moderate and fair), in short, to build a reputation that really corresponds to the values ​​we want to spread: this is what promises to help you do the SEO.

The very essence of natural referencing is to keep control of Google’s results, through a complex set of optimization levers. By working on a set of technical points (architecture on-page), qualitative aspects (choice of keywords, writing of high added value content) and relational links (to obtain backlinks), SEO allows to give visibility to pages which, without it, would have remained in the darkness of the Web.

And that, without cheating, without tapping into Black Hat SEO techniques. Simply by applying the usual techniques of referencing to a precise object: the consolidation of its e-reputation.

SEO, supporting your digital notoriety

In order to understand how it works, let’s take a concrete example. Say you are a plumbing company in Paris – a very competitive industry. Through hard work, a policy based on quality of service, and word of mouth, you have managed to place your top service pages in the top results of the SERPs.

Only, you are the victim of your success: smart kids (perhaps competitors) have saturated the Web with negative comments about you, calling into question the quality of your services. These results now occupy a large part of the first page, drowning your services in a deluge of digital stink balls.

You therefore appeal to a specialized agency in order to get you out of this situation and regain the good image that was yours. Because this negative content can, on its own, have a heavy impact on your business, e-reputation being the compass that guides consumers to you – or that keeps them away from you.

SEO methods applied to online reputation

Concretely, to help you whitewash your e-reputation, the agency’s SEO referrers will:

  • Create and distribute a large number of positive and excellent quality web content, in line with your digital communication strategy;

  • Work all your pages to make them climb to the first results;

  • Generate good quality backlinks from influential and high ranking sites;

  • Try to eliminate as many negative links as possible from sites of poor quality or irrelevant to your activity;

  • Boost your notoriety on social networks, develop exchanges with your customers and prospects, forge ever stronger links with your digital community, in order to strengthen your positive image (Google is sensitive to the signals sent by social media).

These SEO and SMO (social referencing) oriented actions are part of an overall strategy for managing your online reputation. However, they are not sufficient, as they may conflict with a negative data flow. It is therefore essential to organize a watch of your Google results in order to be able to act quickly if new content is published that may impact your digital notoriety – in the same way that we eliminate a rodent at the first sign of its presence to stop the coming invasion in its tracks!

Consolidate your positive image on the Web: be unique!

Natural referencing will help you consolidate your e-reputation and “clean up” negative content that could pollute the image you want to send to your prospects, customers and readers.

But these levers will be of no use to you if, from the start of your digital communication, you do not create a solid foundation to build your notoriety on ideal bases. For it:

  • Improve your customer experience to satisfy the Internet users who follow you and who buy your products / services, and thus promote their engagement;

  • Offer original content, deploy original communication, in short: be unique!

With these good practices applied from the start, backed by detailed SEO work, you will be able to build a positive reputation. And SEO will come to your rescue for correct, not to rebuild everything from scratch. Thus, you will fully control your e-reputation!

Andrea BensaidAndrea Bensaid is the founder of the SEO agency Eskimoz, based in Paris and with 10 years of experience in SEO. He supports businesses of all sizes in their web visibility strategy. Find it on:

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