California wants tech groups to pay users for their data

by bold-lichterman

The new governor of California announced on Tuesday that he was working at a ” dividend Which would be paid by technology groups to users to use their data. ” Consumers have the right to know how their data is used and to control it ”Gavin Newsom, who heads the western US state that is home to Silicon Valley, said during his “State of the State” speech. California passed legislation to this effect last year, the most restrictive in the country. ” But Californian consumers should also be able to have their share of the wealth created by their data ”, he continued, without giving more details.

Giants like Google or Facebook – which dominates the global digital advertising market – rakes in billions of dollars through the collection and use of user data, which allows advertisers to target their ads very precisely. To their detractors, it is like making the customer the product and making money off them. For these companies, it is precisely this economic model that makes it possible to offer free services.

Personal data is also a particularly sensitive subject since the Cambridge Analytica affair last year exposed the methods of personal data management by Facebook, deemed lax and opaque by many elected officials, regulators, associations and consumers of around the world. In the world as in the United States, other elected officials or regulators threaten to put in place legal constraints in this area or have already done so, like the European Union with the GDPR implemented last May.