By buying ActSocial, Linkfluence sets off to storm the Chinese social web

by bold-lichterman

Linkfluence, a player in social media intelligence, announced the acquisition of ActSocial, a company based in Shanghai and Singapore. Linkfluence takes 100% of the capital ofActSocial, another social media watch specialist installed in Asia since 2008.

Linkfluence is developing a Saas software called Radarly that it intends to adapt to the Asian market. “In China, 73% of consumers consult online reviews before a purchase and 84% trust them about a brand or a product,” observes Linkfluence. With this acquisition, Linkfluence intends to “take advantage of teams of data scientists based in Shanghai”. Created by Benjamin Duvall, ActSocial has launched in Asia and has brands such as Starbucks, Carrefour, Barilla and Omnicom in its portfolio.

To exploit the proliferation of the Chinese social web, the new teams resulting from the acquisition will be “entirely dedicated to capturing the Chinese and Asian web and teams of social media researchers to transform these indicators into recommendations adapted to the specificities of local consumers, ”explains Linkfluence.

To differentiate itself from the myriad of competitors in the monitoring and analysis of social networks (Synthesio, Brandwatch, Salesforce, Sysomos, etc.), Linkfluence relies on its Saas technology and rapid external growth.

In July 2015, Linkfluence acquired Die Medialysten, another German social media watch specialist. The same year, Linkfluence also opened an office in London. This internationalization strategy followed a fundraising of 3 million euros in 2014 and a first takeover, that of TrendyBuzz. For 2015, Linkfluence aims for a turnover of 15 million euros.

Founder : Guilhem Fouetillou

Seat: Paris

Creation date: 2006

Fundraising: 3 million euros (2014)