[Business développement] The last 3 announcements on the web

by bold-lichterman

[HTML5] AppsFuel launches a mobile payment system dedicated to developers… The application of good geolocated plans Sentinelo integrated into Orange Maps… Dilidil announces 3 new partners on its platform … Discover the latest announcements on the web.

[HTML5] AppsFuel launches a mobile payment system dedicated to developers

AppsFuel, home store of HTML5 applications independent of any terminal and OS, announces the availability of the beta version of its mobile payment system.

Available in 3 countries for the moment, France, Spain and Italy, this will allow developers to monetize their applications, by integrating the functions of Appsfuel mobile payment via its API.

AppsFuel also plans to launch these mobile payment functions in Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries in the course of 2013.

Developers will be able to offer two models: a “freemium”, allowing to take advantage of some of the functions of the application, and a “premium”, allowing to take advantage of all the functions of the application, via a payment option. .

The Sentinelo geolocated good maps application integrated into Orange Maps

The application Sentinelo, geolocated promotion specialist, announces the integration of its geolocated product flows into the application Orange Maps.

Thanks to this agreement, Sentinelo, which enables large brands and independent retailers to capture the attention of consumers through a product call, will now provide good local maps on Orange Maps.

Orange Maps now contains a fleet of several million applications. Sentinelo, meanwhile, says it offers nearly 2,000,000 promotions in 20,000 points of sale.

Dilidil announces the presence of 3 new partners on its platform

dilidilThe start-up Dilidil, specializing in sponsorship on social networks, announces the integration of three new e-commerce players on its platform: 3 Swiss, Trend-Corner and Mypaces.

These partnerships thus allow Dilidil to continue developing its sponsorship solution and offer online stores the possibility of taking advantage of word of mouth from social networks through a sale, a subscription to a newsletter, the generation of a lead, or the deposit of a contribution.

In 2012, Dilidil was nominated for the E-commerce Awards Paris in the customer relationship category and won the YesFunds Start-up competition.