[Business développement] The last 3 announcements on the web

by bold-lichterman

All figures ofEventBrite in France, Dotscreen wins 4 new budgets in the connected TV sector, The online wine specialist, Cavissima, expects an annual turnover of 2M euros… The details of these three announcements.

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All the figures of EventBrite in France

Launched in French version on March 29, 2012, Eventbrite, a platform for creating and managing events, saw the number of new registrants increase in France by 400% from one month to the next. During the month following its launch, the start-up also claims to have seen a 73% increase in the number of events published through its service. According to EventBrite, organizers have used its platform on several occasions, hosting an average of 2.29 events each, bringing together 64 people on average. With 79% of events organized in Paris, the French capital would remain at the top of the most active cities on Eventbrite.fr, followed by Lyon, Nantes and Toulouse. In addition, 59% of the events organized via the platform are free.

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Based in San Francisco and co-founded in 2006 by Frenchman Renaud Visage, the start-up allows Internet users to plan, promote and sell tickets for all types of events online. In total, the Eventbrite solution has sold more than 58M tickets since its inception. In 2011, events were held in over 170 different countries and nearly 20% of its revenue was generated outside of the United States.

Connected TV: Dotscreen wins 4 new budgets

French society Dotscreen, a specialist in the design and development of connected TV, tablet and smartphone applications, has just announced its collaboration with Deezer, Medici.tv, Youhumour and Al Jazeera.

Dotscreen has, in fact, developed an application for Deezer which allows you to find your playlists on your TV, listen to web radios, enjoy the latest albums released or consult musical news. For its part, Medici.Tv, specialist in classical music, can now offer its catalog of classical music programs online. A battery of films, concerts, archives and documentaries are now available on TV. The Qatari audiovisual group, for its part, entrusted Dotscreen with the development of connected television applications, in particular on GoogleTV. Finally, Philippe Vaillant Production relied on the French company for the design and development of a connected TV service based on humor.

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Cavissima expects an annual turnover of 2M euros

The start-up Cavissima, which offers Internet users the opportunity to create their wine cellar online, announces that it has “multiplied its turnover by ten in the first quarter of 2012.” The company thus expects an annual turnover of 2M €, against 200,000 € of turnover registered in 2011. For 2013, Cavissima targets a turnover of 4.5M €, with a potential of 2000 customers. For the time being, the site claims 350 customers registered at the end of April, against 170 customers in 2011. Launched in January 2010 by Thierry Godet, the company also plans to proceed with a new fundraising by 2013 in order to , in particular, to finance its international development.

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