[Business case] Oxeva, a web host that keeps the load

by bold-lichterman

“Hosting is a profession in its own right that cannot be improvised: many projects fail for lack of having made the choice, from their launch, of managed hosting. “ Vincent Harmin, President and co-founder ofOxeva, summarizes in a few words the strategic importance of web hosting: performance, availability, security, scalability …

Business case Oxeva a web host that keeps the loadA profession in its own right

Launched in 2005, a subsidiary of the Adverline group (recently acquired by the Mediapost Group), Oxeva has benefited from significant word of mouth and gained notoriety points. Its hard core – 3 founders who met thanks to the web – is now working to develop innovative solutions, mainly for pure players such as Societe.com or Atlantico. Most of the sites with high traffic, which sometimes require multiple servers to keep up with the load.

“Thanks to its innovative system, Oxeva can add dozens of servers in a few moments. I just have to call them and they react very quickly ”, says Pierre-Alain Laur, Managing Director of Feerik, a major browser games publisher. Holding the charge is indeed one of the challenges. Oxeva, which has nearly 200 servers, remembers in particular sudden surges of audience for this actor, arrived in the top 10 of Facebook applications, with 12 million VU / day…

Faced with the accommodation giants, Oxeva claims the typology of a structure on a human scale: ” We operate in start-up mode, within a large group », Indicates Vincent Harmin, who is also keen to maintain proximity in customer relations.

Price, a differentiating factor from the competition

But how can you tell the difference in the competitive landscape of internet hosts? For Oxeva, the answer lies in 3 points: innovation, support, and… the price.

At the start of September, Oxeva also launched a fully managed hosting offer at € 500 / month for projects in launch. An opportunity for e-merchants who do not want to have to worry about the cumbersome server administration.

The future: the cloud

Oxeva also offers a cluster architecture that enables the rapid addition of servers without interruption of service, with daily data backup on redundant storage systems.

Focused mainly on the French market, the company, which achieved nearly a million euros in turnover in 2011, focuses its development strategy on the cloud, a huge challenge for many hosting providers, increasingly preferred by businesses. Oxeva is continuing its research in this direction, it invests nearly 20% of its turnover in R&D.

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Business case Oxeva a web host that keeps the load