Burnout alert for marketing professionals

by bold-lichterman

While the lack of relevant expertise is one of the main obstacles to digital transformation cited by top executives around the world, European marketers generally feel confident in their ability to do their jobs properly, according to the results of the “Adobe Digital Roadblock Report 2016“.

Among the more than 1,300 marketers surveyed by the authors of the study, 65% say they have the skills necessary to succeed in their position, and 60% of them say they are ready to use the latest technologies for all of their missions. More than two thirds of them (67%) believe, however, that the profession has nothing to do today with what it was at the start of their career. What about their perception of changes in their profession?

Less than half of professionals are drivers of change

While marketing professionals are generally confident about their own skills, their optimism about the profession itself has decreased compared to last year: they are now only 66% to estimate to be at the beginning of a ” golden age of marketing ”, up from 72% in 2015.

Another finding, while 8 out of 10 marketers say that the changes that affect their profession are above all opportunities, more than half (52%) admit to being subject to these changes, up 6 points compared to the year last.


And faced with the acceleration of change observed by 81% of respondents, a growing number of professionals are worried about their ability to adapt: ​​where they were 37% to share this kind of concern in 2015, they are indeed 44% in 2016.

More pressure on results, less influence on strategy

When asked, 64% of marketers believe their service plays an increasingly important role in generating revenue for their business. Under more pressure in terms of results, marketers also feel less involved in defining their company’s strategy. Where, in 2014, 68% of them believed that marketing played a key role in defining this strategy, today they are “only” 63% to share this opinion.

Perhaps the beginning of an explanation for this feeling: customer expectations are constantly evolving, and they are much more demanding of brands. 74% of marketers believe that their customers expect an immediate response to their requests, and 73% that they expect brands to provide much more attractive content than before. Two-thirds of respondents also stress the importance of having a personalized connection with brands. It is easy to imagine that customer relationship management, from a purely operational point of view, now takes a central place in the missions of marketers.


Mobile and data, two priorities for 2017

Among the main challenges identified by marketing professionals, mobile is the number one concern. 85% of marketers believe that having a mobile-friendly site is a priority within three years, and 51% of them say that mobile marketing is one of their priorities for the coming year.


In the medium term, the issue of data is another issue identified by the professionals surveyed: 45% of them place it among their priorities after three years. And 10% of respondents believe that the ability to use data more effectively is one of the key success factors in their profession in the future, as is the ability to work better across different channels.

But the main obstacle identified by marketers remains the level of budget at their disposal, deemed insufficient by 39% of respondents, far ahead of the lack of suitable tools (18%) or the lack of a clear vision of where they are going ( at 17%).

** Methodology: Study carried out online among 1,301 marketing professionals in Europe, from July 20 to August 2, 2016. Among the respondents, 30% are French, 35% Germans and 35% British.

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