Build a tailor-made team using Big Data

by bold-lichterman

Recruitment techniques and tools are changing rapidly. Since the arrival of Big Data in HR policies, we never stop finding new applications for it. The latest: predictive recruitment. An innovative method allowing recruiters to “predict” in an even more advanced way their future staffing needs, and to identify the candidates most able to become their talents. Here, the study of potential and personality takes precedence over knowledge and skills, the aim being to always collect more information in order to anticipate their successful integration into the company. Creativity, stress management, leadership or even optimism are then evaluated: data to assess the sustainability of the collaboration. But not only. Used correctly, this data will make it possible to fill the gaps of the current team, to estimate the performance of the new one, and therefore to calmly consider the competitiveness of the company.

Cohesion and team spirit to generate positive energy

If the talent recruited excites his hierarchy, its qualities cannot take on their full scope without the benevolence of each of the individuals who make up the department he joins. In a climate of tension, nothing good can emerge. A team is not born a “team”, it becomes one. It is the objectives, but also the problems which, taken together, create a unity and cohesion capable of motivating them all individually. For this to work, it is necessary to ensure that each employee finds his place, that he is personally involved, that he feels responsible and united for the success of the team as a member of it and not as a as an individual. A good working atmosphere then takes on its full meaning and becomes essential to carry out any project. According to a study Opinion Way, for French employees, it is even more important than the salary. It would then be wrong to underestimate the consequences of a bad atmosphere. The effort becomes more difficult, the commitment less marked, and the company emerges mechanically weakened. 87% of French employees believe that a good quality of life at work benefits both employees and companies, according to a TNS SOFRES survey: Reconcile professional and private life, June 2014.

Play together to improve performance

The performance of a team also depends on the balance of roles held by each of its members. According to the French psycho-sociologist and educational psychologist Roger Mucchielli “Too much heterogeneity in a group can be detrimental to its success, quickly becoming a source of tension, with very assertive, opposing, even antagonistic personalities.” Like the AGILE method, inviting each of the trades to meet around the same table to work on a project, it would be advisable to think of a team as a whole, to build it intelligently so that it is only made up of complementary personalities and potentials. By initially promoting multigenerational work: a senior is more inclined to share knowledge, a junior is more motivated to learn. More generally, it would be appropriate to mix the personalities, to make them coexist judiciously, by applying the BELBIN method to recruitment. The construction of the team based on 3 essential roles: reflection – either an appraiser, a designer, an expert; action – either an organizer, a propellant; a perfecter; and relationship – either a promoter, a coordinator, a support.

Big Data and predictive recruitment for an optimal team

This is where Big Data becomes essential. Because this approach is now realistic and achievable, in particular thanks to the comparison between internal data and candidate information drawn from predictive recruitment such as personality tests, predictive analyzes and case studies. The latter is a great tool for preparing the hiring of a new talent: by studying the personalities in position to identify the one who is lacking, we can guide the choice of the new recruit. The wealth of information collected during the battery of tests, but also via social networks, makes it possible to identify the applicant as a whole and thus helps to make “the right choice”. The one that will make up for the shortcomings of the team in place.

In fine, there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” employee, but only high-performing talents intelligently integrated into the right team. The one who will have known how to recognize his qualities, will exploit only his strengths and will naturally compensate for his weaknesses. Success depends above all on the synergy of individuals, not on an isolated person.

Mickaël-CABROL-EasyrecrueEMLYON graduate, Mickaël Cabrol founded with two partners Geolid, a company specializing in local advertising on the Internet. Geolid now has more than 3,000 customers and 130 customers across France.
Mickaël Cabrol also launched in 2013, a company specializing in deferred video maintenance, inspired by the dazzling success of the American Hirevue.