Build 2017: Microsoft injects AI into its services to support developers’ uses

by bold-lichterman

Microsoft wants to make its data revolution. Attentive to the rise of IoT, artificial intelligence, and new uses for developers, the American group unveiled its top priorities at its annual “Build” conference held in Seattle from May 10 to 12. “We are determined to offer every developer the opportunity to design and deploy applications suitable for the new era that is opening up before us, where digital environments are becoming intelligent thanks to the exponential growth of available data and almost infinite computing power ” , said in her introductory speech Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. The giant’s objective is to be the most efficient in terms of the value proposition to offer developers, in particular by developing its cloud services.

As such, the group is gradually orienting its Azure service towards connected objects. Called “Azur Iot Edge”, the cloud solution must “Bring more intelligence to objects», Announced the group. For him, this acceleration goes hand in hand with a new organization of data. Baptized Cosmo DB, this database is capable of integrating “Graph or noSQL type” data.


Azure Batch AI Training

While it has just published a quarterly turnover of 23.56 billion dollars for the beginning of 2017, up 6%, Microsoft wants to invest in the increased developer. It will thus add 29 new “cognitive” services, such as real-time translation, recognition of hand gestures. Engineers will also be able to realize “AI model training on CPU / GPU farms“On” Azure Batch AI Training “. Regardless of the hardware, engineers will be able to test several machine learning configurations on their product.

On his assistant Cortana, developers will be able to design new bots that can be integrated into the system with “Cortana Skill Set”. Cortana currently has 141 million active users.

500 million Windows 10 users

Microsoft must also unveil the contours of Project Neon, the new interface of Windows 10, its operating system used by 500 million active devices, he indicates. Redstone 3 will also be the next big update for Windows 10. As a reminder, Microsoft recently announced its intention to provide major updates to Windows every six months, in March and September.

The group also announced that it would make full versions of Office available to its users on Windows 10 S to make it more attractive. On Office, it claims 100 million active users on the online platform.

To improve the developer experience, Microsoft is also upgrading its Visual Studio service, which allows users to view the development of applications and sites. It is now available on Mac.