Bubble, the solution to create a web or mobile application without coding

by bold-lichterman

If a good idea is enough to create a start-up, it is often more difficult to put it into practice. Beyond the administrative and financial constraints, entrepreneurs must above all develop a website or a mobile application to make their project a reality, which usually involves coding. However, this tedious computer language to learn can quickly discourage some. To simplify the life of entrepreneurs, the New York start-up Bubble was thus created to reinvent the tools used to create software.

Founded in 2012 by Josh Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov, Bubble is a platform that allows you to easily create a website or a mobile application without having the slightest notion of programming. Concretely, the graphic interface of the young American startup allows entrepreneurs to visually program the software solution they want to build while freeing themselves from the constraints of computer coding. “Rather than learning to code, we think it’s better to reinvent programming», Estimates Emmanuel Straschnov, co-founder of Bubble. To date, the company claims more than 130,000 users. Last year, Bubble generated sales of $ 1.1 million.

Bubble: the key data

Founders: Josh Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov
Creation: 2012
The head office : New York
Activity: visual programming language
Workforce: 6 employees