[Brèves] An Evernote accelerator, end of the Mailbox waiting list, ultra-connected Mark Zuckerberg

by bold-lichterman

Evernote announces the launch of an accelerator in fall 2013

Evernote is launching a accelerator which supports companies wishing to develop products using the Evernote platform. This, led by Rafe Needleman (ex-CNET, Business 2.0), will select its members from among the participants in the Evernote Devcup 2013, which will take place from March 10 to June 29, 2013 in San Francisco.

Mailbox ends its waiting list system

Acquired in March, a month after its launch, by Dropbox for nearly $ 100 million, Mailbox announced yesterday to end the waiting list on which you had to wait before being able to download and use the mobile messaging service. “We believe that we can now manage new registrants, so we have ended the reservation system,” Mailbox argues in a statement.

Mailbox manages a 100% iOS mail client application which today delivers 100 million messages per day but which had experienced a few hiccups when it was launched.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks you can ignore your guests at a dinner party

The three new ads Facebook released to showcase its new app all have one thing in common: They show people ignoring friends, family, coworkers and the like as they check their phones to see what’s going on. Facebook news.

And it turns out that Mark Zuckerberg says he’s totally in tune with that, and it’s okay today to ignore your guests over dinner to spend time on your Facebook app. A reaction that makes you jump Business Insider.