Brett Johnson, former cybercriminal turned security advisor

by bold-lichterman

Nicknamed “The Original Internet Godfather”, Brett Johnson has been a figure in cybercrime for over 20 years. After spending several years in prison, he switched sides and now advises companies through his company AnglerPhish Security. He is one of the speakers who spoke during the last edition of The Stolen Escape, become Boma France Festival, which took place on July 4 and 5 at the Seine Musicale.

Brett Johnson is a story of redemption as loved by the United States. Thus, his past as a cybercriminal is now used to help companies protect themselves against cybercrime.

They are aware that cybersecurity is an issue but they do not understand the face of cybercrime, how organized it is », Explains Brett Johnson. However, according to him, it is a necessity in order to be able to protect oneself well.

For the latter, the main danger for companies are phishing attempts. ” 92% of intrusions start with this technique because it is easier to steal information from someone than to break into the system “.

What are the other main dangers? Should we pay the ransoms? … Find the full interview with Brett Johnson: