Brainsonic and Tigerlily join Facebook’s favorite developer consultant circle

by bold-lichterman

Facebook just added 25 companies to its list ” Preferred Developer Consultant Program »Which brings to 90 the number of its privileged partners in the world.

They are selected by Facebook for their ability to understand new social mechanisms and the integration of Facebook tools into a strategy. They have exclusive access to new features and applications of the social network.

Brainsonic and Tigerlily join Facebooks favorite developer consultant circleJean-Louis Bénard, CEO of Brainsonic, specialist in internet / intranet video for companies: Each time we integrate the Facebook platform into our devices, the impact in terms of traffic, virality, more successful user experience is bluffing… and we are only at the beginning. Brainsonic, which already has advanced solutions (Live on Facebook, integration of social plugins into live devices or WebTVs platforms) will continue to invest very significantly in its product lines.

Brainsonic and Tigerlily join Facebooks favorite developer consultant circleTigerlily also enters the club. The platform allows brands and agencies to manage their marketing actions on social media. With the page builder, it is also possible for them to build a Facebook page in a few clicks via twenty widgets. All applications created by Tigerlily have been transferred to SaaS mode for much faster commissioning.