Bouygues Telecom will finally offer 4G to its 3G customers

by bold-lichterman

While its low-cost subsidiary, B and You, announced last Friday that it would soon market 4G offers more or less aligned with those of Free Mobile, which has decided to include it in its plans without an increase in price, Bouygues Telecom announced this morning that it is preparing to offer it also for its entire range of packages already on the market.

“Bouygues Telecom is integrating 4G into the entire range of packages currently on the market, without any price increase. Customers who have subscribed to these offers will automatically benefit from 4G, at no additional cost and without any re-engagement ”announces the company in its press release.

Another good news for its users, the telephone operator will not pass the increase in VAT, which will take note on January 1, on the prices of its offers.