Bouygues Telecom: the operator will cut its workforce

by bold-lichterman

While it was absolutely looking for another player to partner with after Vivendi chose Numericable to buy out SFR, Bouygues Telecom should cut its workforce with a voluntary departure plan of 1,500 to 2,000 positions, which could be accompanied layoffs. The technical and marketing departments could be significantly affected. It should be formalized from Wednesday 11 June. confirming union claims, following the sale of SFR to Numéricable.

Bouygues telecom must simplify its portfolio of offers, the complexity of which generates significant costs, as well as its distribution network.

“We have therefore decided, at Bouygues Telecom, to organize ourselves to survive with less income, by significantly reducing the size of the company, which will therefore have consequences on employment, alas” said Olivier Roussat, the CEO, in the Senate. “An exceptional committee will meet on June 11: we will announce job cuts, a condition for continuing to live in a world of four operators”. This is not the operator’s first social plan. In 2012, more than 550 positions had been eliminated.

On the future of the company, he explains: “We have decided to save an additional 300 million per year, after having reduced our operating costs by 600 million in two years. Our goal is to save a billion a year within three years: that’s huge, for a turnover of 4 billion ”.

While the press reported negotiations with various operators for a merger, and thatArnaud Montebourg had invited Bouygues to do so, Mr. Roussat explains: “The press reported on discussions with Orange. All I can tell you is that, for now, they are very preliminary. We don’t want to depend on anyone to restore our profitability and be able to make the investments we need ”.