Bouygues Telecom is testing a 4G box to be the first in the French deserts

by bold-lichterman

  • The French operator is testing a 4G box in eight French cities (Quimper, Laval, Poitiers, Caen, Béziers, Tarbes, Châtellerault and Arçonnay) for three months.
  • Bouygues Telecom claims 2.9 million high speed and very high speed subscribers.
  • In 2015, the operator recorded a turnover of 4.5 billion euros, for a net loss of 59 million euros.

Although the majority of French households have an Internet connection (27.1 million high and very high speed Internet subscriptions, according to Arcep), some geographical areas of France are still not covered by the ADSL or optical fiber. In order to remedy this situation, Bouygues Telecom has been experimenting with a 4G box since October 3. For the time being, only eight French cities (Quimper, Laval, Poitiers, Caen, Béziers, Tarbes, Châtellerault and Arçonnay) are affected by this test which should last three months. However, the operator could consider launching a long-term commercial offer in early 2017.

Available for 27.99 euros per month (rental of the box included), this box intended for individuals allows Bouygues Telecom subscribers to enjoy a very high speed 4G Internet connection.

The beneficiaries of this offer can even benefit from a speed approaching 100 Mb / s, that is to say beyond most boxes offering access to an ADSL connection. However, the Bouygues 4G box does not offer television and fixed telephony.

100% of France in very high speed in 2022

The 4G box is one of the solutions for operators to end the digital divide in France. Indeed, 4G has the advantage of not requiring the installation of physical cabling to the subscriber, unlike ADSL and fiber. If 98.1% of inhabitants in Paris have access to a very high speed Internet connection, this percentage falls to 2.9% in the Nièvre, according to the France Very High Speed ​​Observatory. In addition to the Bouygues Telecom initiative, the French government has also launched the France Très Haut Débit Plan to roll out very high speed broadband throughout France by 2022.

In addition, Bouygues Telecom is trying to stand out in increasingly tough competition on the broadband and very high speed market. Orange thus claimed 11.9 million subscribers in this sector in the first quarter of 2016, largely ahead of Numericable-SFR (6.52 million subscribers) and Free (6.216 million subscribers). Bouygues Telecom brings up the rear with 2.9 million subscribers.

The launch of the 4G box is also a way for Bouygues Telecom to relaunch itself after its abortive takeover by Orange last April. In 2015, the operator recorded annual sales growth of 2% compared to 2014, to 4.5 billion euros. However, Bouygues Telecom conceded a net loss of 59 million euros last year.

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