Bouygues sues Free for having restricted 3G

by bold-lichterman

New pass of arms in the telecoms sector. Bouygues Telecom has just summoned Free before the Paris Commercial Court for “deceptive commercial practices” according to The echoes. In these communications to the public, Free claims a commercial offer guaranteeing unlimited mobile speed, but Bouygues Telecom would accuse it of reducing their speed before having reached a consumption of 3 GB for the part that passes through the Orange infrastructure, that Free rents while roaming.

A method that would allow him to minimize the bill he pays to Orange, given that the more data a Free subscriber downloads, the higher the amount paid by Free to Orange. Free would thus pay between 500 and 700 million per year to the incumbent operator to use its network.

14% of the French market share

In the summons document consulted by the economic newspaper, Bouygues Telecom considers that “if the restraint had not taken place, Free Mobile would have had to pass on the true roaming costs in the price of its offers, which ‘would necessarily have led to higher prices.

Free currently holds 14% of the French market share with 9.6 million subscribers. The Iliad group, founded by Xavier Niel, posted a turnover of 1.055 billion in the third quarter of 2014. It remains for the Commercial Court to decide whether Free actually restricts the network for certain downloads. A hearing is scheduled for December 18.

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