Bouygues and SFR would be interested in Virgin Mobile

by bold-lichterman

A merger with another operator is also under study …

virgin-mobileAfter the takeover of SFR by Numericable, Bouygues and SFR would now be interested in the takeover of Virgin Mobile, according to The echoes, and would be about to submit an offer. With over 1.6 million subscribers in its portfolio, the brand is the premier virtual mobile operator (MVNO) from France. The newspaper, which specifies that the company achieves 468 million euros of turnover, affirms that Orange would not have made an offer and that Free, an interested moment, would not wish to spend money for acquire it.

Several avenues would be mentioned: the sale of the shares of Carphone and Virgin, an IPO, or even a merger with another virtual operator like Coriolis which “discusses the subject” according to the daily.