Bordeaux residents of Azendoo raise $ 1.5 million and refocus their activity on B2B

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Azendoo, a Bordeaux start-up that is developing a task management application, has just raised $ 1.5 million from Arnaud Vinciguerra, Thibault Poutrel and the accelerator TheFamily. The company had already completed a previous round of funding of 1.3 million euros three years ago.

The concept

Launched in 2012, Azendoo is developing a web and mobile application for collaborative work and task management. Its solution integrates with many other services such as Evernote (for sharing notes), Dropbox (for attached files), YouTube (to receive alerts in the event of a new video on a channel), Facebook (adding a publication) or even PayPal (for sales tracking).

Among the company’s customers are major accounts such as Netflix, Adobe, Nike and MasterCard to which it markets its offer as a service, in freemium. In the end, the company claims 300,000 users worldwide, including a third in France and another third in the United States.

“During the last 18 months, we have doubled our income every six months, half of which is made with marketing professionals, such as agencies, advertisers or creatives,” explains to Frenchweb Grégory Lefort, co-founder of Azendoo.

The market

However, the company must face competition from many players who also specialize in task management and teamwork. These include Trello or Asana, a start-up based in San Francisco. “Azendoo, you can start with a message, or even a chat, necessarily with a task», Explains Mr. Lefort.

With this new fundraising, the company intends to pivot its activity in B2B to target professionals. The company, which has 13 employees, also intends to strengthen its sales and marketing team.

Founders: Grégory Lefort, Benoit Droulin, Christophe Gagin

Creation: 2012

Effective : 13 employees

Funding: $ 2.5 million raised

Competitor: Asana