Boosted by smartphone sales, Samsung posts record profit

by bold-lichterman

Samsung, which today officially launches the Galaxy S4, reveals a net profit up 41.6% this quarter to 4.9 billion euros, against 3.46 billion last year. The South Korean’s turnover increased by 16.8% compared to the previous quarter to reach 36.2 billion euros. The group’s operating profit jumped 54% to 6 billion euros, underlining according to the manufacturer the improvement in operating margins generated by the Samsung Galaxy S3. Launched last year, the smartphone has sold more than 60 million units according to analysts.

The world leader in mobile telephony, which 70% of its income of smartphone sales, has sold an average of 25M smartphones per month since the start of the year. It would thus have passed more than 70M units since the beginning of the year, against 63M a year earlier. The group has thus gone from 32% PdM at the end of 2012 to 35% PdM currently. Mobile telephony represents 60% of the group’s sales by value, or 22.5 billion euros.

According to its suppliers, Samsung would aim to sell 500M phones in 2013, smartphones and conventional mobiles combined.